Membership Opportunities

Forest Creek Golf Club Membership Categories

All prospects for any Membership category must have a Member sponsor and two personal references. The Club reserves the right to change the terms of all future membership programs at any time, with or without prior notice.

Full Golf Offerings


Available to all who own Forest Creek property, this product is refundable and transferable upon the sale of Forest Creek Golf Club property to an approved new applicant.

Charter II

Available to all who do not own Forest Creek property, the Charter II is a non-refundable offering. Membership can be upgraded to Regular, transferable status with the purchase of real estate.


Available to anyone under the age of 40, with or without Forest Creek property ownership. A percentage lump sum payment of the initiation fee will be due upon application approval, and dues will be based on age until the Junior Member turns 40. The balance of the initiation fee is due upon turning age 40, less a set amount credited by the Club at each membership anniversary date.


Available to all children and grandchildren of existing full golf Members regardless of Forest Creek property ownership. Initiation is waived and dues structure is based on age until the Member turns 40. This non-refundable and non-transferable offering may be converted to the Regular category with the purchase of Forest Creek real estate..

Limited Offerings


Only available to new Members with Forest Creek property ownership, Social Membership provides access to all Club amenities excluding golf courses or practice facility.

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For more information on becoming a Forest Creek Golf Club member, contact Amanda McGovern at 910-725-1972 or

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